We've seen a lot of first-person puzzle platformers this year, and not just Portal 2! There's Jaewoo Jeon's time-manipulating Recall, Terry Cavanagh's exhibition game At A Distance, Demruth's philosophical Antichamber, Toxic's cube-filled Q.U.B.E., and I'm sure several others.

And here's one more for you: Blue Void's Blink, in which you "slip between two different perceptions of the world at will" by left-clicking and right-clicking your mouse. As you can see in the comic above, you'll need to manage the two perceptions while platforming to progress.

The four-man indie studio describes the Windows/Mac project:

"In a surreal world that is both beautiful and lifeless, you find you are somehow able to freely slip between two unique perceptions of the world. Will you come to grips with this strange power, or will you lose your grip on reality?

The game does have a plot. But rather than use dialogue to guide the player, we chose to use visual and auditory cues. There will be no cinematics or "cut scenes" either. Everything is presented to the player through experience. This way, the player can still be deeply immersed without ever having control taken from them."

Blue Void is raising money to build the game through Kickstarter, and has so far received over $6,000 in pledges -- it wants to reach $10,000 within the next ten days. Donation incentives include game pre-orders, soundtracks, easter eggs/achievements using your name, and more.

[Via ssj_jessy]