Lots of Minecraft news this week! The release of an official Minecraft: Pocket Edition app for iOS (which looks identical to the Android version), the PC game coming out of beta and releasing tomorrow, two Spike TV VGA nominations, and the first Minecon expo kicking off in Las Vegas!

Here's one extra treat for Minecraft fans -- a new music video by video game composer Laura Shigihara (Plants vs. Zombies) using footage from Mojang's sandbox game. It's kind of a sad, personal track, but it's also about building your castle, and defending it against creepers and zombies.

"This track was inspired by a 6-hour Minecraft session that happened during a time when I might have been trying to run away from the world," says Shigihara. "It's very special to me, so I hope you enjoy it." You can buy a $0.99 download for "Cube World" and see its lyrics here.