Along with working on its sophomore title Joe Danger: The Movie for unannounced platforms, British team Hello Games is also putting together a Special Edition version of its first game Joe Danger for XBLA, which will release this holiday season.

Joe Danger: Special Edition will add new environments, gameplay modes, characters, and more to the cartoonish stunt racing game that originally debuted as a PlayStation Network exclusive last year. 

Hello Games didn't share many specifics about the port, but it did reveal one of the new features, the Laboratory, which is "filled with hidden developer challenge" and is reminiscent of Timesplitters' Challenge mode.

"It's been so nice to come back to, now we've watched hundreds of thousands of people play through on PS3," said Hello Games' Sean Murray in an interview with Eurogamer. "They've been our playtesters for the changes we've made to Special Edition.

He added, "Like Joe Danger was well received and everything, but my god there were things we didn't like about it. There were places where it was actually pretty frustrating or confusing to play, and I really think we've ironed that out."