I see probably a dozen Street Fighter mash-ups with other pop culture junk every day before lunchtime -- that's just the nature of gaming fanart trends, I guess -- but I don't think I've ever seen the fighting series mixed with a Disney ride.

Combining Street Fighter and Fantasyland's international unity ride It's A Small World makes sense, though, when you remember that the Capcom game's characters represent countries all over the world (never mind that they're all out to beat each other up).

Illustrator Andrew Kolb explains "[The posters are] inspired by two of my great loves: games and rides. Super Street Fighter 2 and It’s a Small World have such an international vibe that I couldn’t NOT put them together."

These are just the first three of what Kolb promises will be a lengthy series of posters. You can currently buy this initial batch as limited edition prints for $60 each on his online shop.