This new Dustforce video, like many of the other previously released ones, is so fun to watch -- I love seeing the flowy way the character sweeps a collection of leaves on one wall before walljumping to another, then slides down effortlessly down a slope before vaulting across wide gaps.

When Hitbox Team releases this for Windows/Mac early next year (via Steam), I know I'm going to be a bumbling mess at this, pausing before every jump, and dropping into spikes after missing platforms anyway. And casually dispatching enemies in mid-air? Not going to happen, for me.

Still, these Dustforce videos really are a joy to watch. The music by Terence Lee is great, too, and you can hear more in the video above (no gameplay, just a mostly static scene). And if you want to learn more about the effort behind the game, Destructoid has a new interview with its creators.