Two years have passed since Giana Sisters DS, the dual screen revival for Rainbow Arts' beloved 1984 Super Mario Bros. clone, released in Europe and Australia -- I was almost convinced it would never release in the States, despite the ESRB listing that surfaced in January.

Destineer quietly shipped the game in the U.S., though, and it's now available at several retailers! Both Walmart and Newegg have the game on their online storefronts for $19.99. From what I hear, it's an excellent platformer and worth the money. It was Armin Gessert's last game, too!

For those who'd rather play Giana Sisters DS on iOS devices, German developer Badmonkee has released $4.99 ports to iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad (there are free versions for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad, too).

[Via NeoGAF, Thanks, Neoalphazero!]