Here's another way to sort of play Sega's OutRun in real life (the other way I'm referring to being the OutRun arcade cabinet modded into a driveable car), short of stealing a red Ferrari Testarossa and driving around the country at breakneck speeds.

This fellow built an analog version out of an arduino board, servomotors, magnets, and a lot of other electronics, and created a racing game in which you can steer your car on an automatically scrolling street while avoiding crashing into other automobiles.

The setup features a gas pedal, a brake pedal, a gear shift, and even a steering wheel that vibrates when you crash. It looks like you'll a boombox (or a digital music player with headphones) nearby if you want to listen to OutRun's fantastic soundtrack while you play, though.

Even more interesting, Technabob points out that this actually plays a lot like Sega mechanical arcade game Grand Prix: