When Enviro-bear 2000: Operation Hibernation released two years ago with its heartfelt story about a bear driving a car, eating fish, and finding a cave to hibernate in, I presume a bidding war erupted between a number of Hollywood studios hoping to buy the rights to the captivating tale and turn it into a long-running series of blockbuster movies.

It appears that Missouri-based sketch comedy group Mike N Gary won those rights, and is already in production for a film adaptation if the 2010 IGF Nuovo award nominee. The crew released this official live-action parody trailer for "Enviro-bear 2000: Operation Hibernation - The Movie", and it's better than anyone could have imagined.

If you can only see one film this winter... watch The Muppets. But while you're in the theater waiting for the movie to start, play Justin Smith's Enviro-bear 2010 on your iPhone or Android device.

[Via @ChevyRay]