After the inaugural issue of game development zine Cultured, which we're told was "incredibly well received", Michael Brown has put together a second issue that's free to download as a PDF (with versions optimized for iPads and mobile devices), and available to buy as a perfect-bound book for $9.50.

This 38-page issue is centered around the Local No. 12 group -- is made up of game makers and professors John Sharp, Colleen Macklin, and Eric Zimmerman -- which launched its neat card-based game about games, Metagame, at the Game Developers Conference earlier this year.

As the trio intends to re-release an updated version of Metagame's decks to the public, Cultured offers profiles and interviews with Local No.12's members about their experiences with game design, as well as look at their process in creating the collectible card game.

"All of the versions of the Metagame, from the original board game to the game show to the collectible card game have been through a tremendous amount of iteration," says Zimmerman. "The most important aspect of a game is not the initial idea or the initial impulse, it's really how you iterate and change and develop the idea over time."