Famed arcade shoot-'em-up developer Cave has launched a teaser site for what is likely to be its next game. Further details will be announced on the 11th.

Before you get too excited, however, note that the numbers above are made from mahjong scoring sticks. In a best-case scenario, Cave's newest game will a bullet-hell shooter starring warring factions of mahjong tiles. In reality, though, it's probably a mahjong sim...or a visual novel about mahjong, given that Cave has recently shifted its efforts toward that sort of thing.

Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be cool if you're totally into mahjong! The rest of us will continue to wait for a Dangun Feveron sequel that will never be made.

[Update: The game in question is Mahjong Rokumeikan, a browser-based social mahjong title. Closed beta signups are now available.]

[via @zerochan, @sasuraiger]