Zack Gage, maker of iOS gem Bit Pilot and 2011 IGF Mobile award finlist Halcyon, has a new game coming to iPad: Spell Tower, a word strategy game that tasks you with finding the biggest words you can on a 10x15 tile grid of letters.

As you clear out words on the grid, the tiles drop to the bottom of the screen. In the game's "no pressure" Tower Mode, all you have to worry about is trying to get the highest score possible -- seems like great practice for the other three more difficult options.

In Puzzle Mode an Extreme Puzzle Mode (increased minimum word length), every word you form creates a new row of letters, and like a lot of puzzlers, you have to manage the height of your columns so they don't eventually hit the ceiling.

And in Rush Mode, you have to find words as fast as you can while the game continuously pushes up all the tiles with new lettters. Spell Tower features Game Center integration and should be hitting the App Store soon.