Netherlands-based art dealership Cook & Becker have opened a gallery that spotlights unique limited edition pieces from artists working in "video games, movies, urban lifestyle, and the broader design industries."

The artwork is featured at both a physical exhibition space in Utrecht and on Cook & Becker's site, where the dealership curates and sells the pieces as originals or prints "of museum-grade quality and supplied with a lifetime guarantee."

Right now, the gallery features images from Katamari Damacy/Noby Noby Boy father Keita Takahashi, PaRappa the Rapper/UmJammer Lammy creator Masaya Matsuura, Killzone 3 series developer Guerilla Games, and others.

My favorite piece on the site right now, though, is "Ocean Scrapbook" (pictured) by Paul Veer, who worked on Vlambeer's Super Crate Box. The art is a "visual blueprint of a video game he hopes to make one day." I hope he gets around to making it!