I'm a big fan of ParaParaParadise, mostly due to its rather unorthodox definition of "dancing". Which mostly involves swinging one's arms around like a Power Ranger, as if you're striking a pose before a big fight, or going through the motions of pummeling some big half person/half bug.

The end result is a game that's especially embarrassing to play for those that are somewhat self-conscious (like myself). Even more so than DDR or Dance Central. Though the real issue is actually finding a PPP machine; I've only encountered one here in America, in an arcade at a golf course in San Diego.

But the video above presents an excellent solution: if the mannerisms are similar to a Power Ranger's, why not dress up as one? Donning the guise of a Kamen Rider, like the fellow above, works as well.

And on that note, my job here is done; my run as a full-time editor at GSW has officially come to a close. It's been a fun ride, and I hope everyone else has enjoyed it as much as myself!

I might be back, in some form of fashion, perhaps to file a chiptune show report, movie review, or performance art rundown. Till then, for those hankering for a steady fix of the kind of wacky game related nonsense that I have a knack for digging up (or so I've been told), feel free to check out my HQ, fort90.com.