Xseed localization specialist Tom Lipschultz discusses the publisher's upcoming PSP horror game Corpse Party in a recent PlayStation Blog post, revealing a number of gameplay features and other gory details.

Admitting that the publisher's initial announcement revealed little regarding Corpse Party's gameplay, Lipschultz notes that the game is not a visual novel, as many had assumed. While Corpse Party features extended narrative sequences, the bulk of its gameplay focuses on exploration, puzzle solving, and intense chase scenes.

Lipschultz also assures that characters will die in many unpleasant ways throughout the branching narrative; along with three proper endings, the game offers 24 "Wrong Ends" that kill off major characters quite explicitly via "a combination of 2D sprite animation, full-screen art stills, meaty, squishy sound effects and high-quality Japanese voice-acting."

Corpse Party will launch as a meaty, squishy PlayStation Network digital download this Fall.