Other than video games, my one true love is local television. Primarily cable access and the local news. So whenever the two occasionally gets together, like in the clip above, I'm in heaven.

Upon initial viewing, I pondered the possibility of someone at KXVO (Omaha, Nebraska's CW affiliate) being a diehard fan of Sonic Adventure 2. And if elements from the game being slipped into the station's programming was perhaps a regular thing.

But alas, it's just a clip that's been on YouTube for many years with brand new audio. Oh well. At least someone's managed to do something positive with the game that caused many longtime Sonic fans to walk away from the franchise.

Anyhow, after the cut are some screencaps from a cable access Tumblr I maintain, one dedicated to my aforementioned affinity for cable access, featuring some furries playing Super Mario Kart.







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