If you didn't have it in you to get up early this morning (4AM for those of you in PDT region) and watch the "Nintendo Direct" stream this morning, the pre-recorded Japanese presentation of 3DS news has been archived and made available online -- there's also a U.S. version filmed by NOA's Reggie ils-Aime.

You'll get a peek of the upcoming November 3DS update with up to 10 minutes of video recording, Find Mii/Puzzle Swap updates, and more. There's also previews of new exciting eShop titles like the Infinity Blade-esque Nimble Sakura Warrior and the spiritual, online successor to PictoChat, Swapnote.

There's some interesting 3DS news from this morning that isn't in the presentation, too, like the announcement that Nintendo's bringing a Hulu Plus app to both the portable and the Wii before the end of the year. Like Netflix, you'll need a separate Hulu Plus subscription, but yay for more video streaming services!