My memories of Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, mostly played from a demo disc packed in free with a PC gaming rag purchased back in the day, are eclipsed by the hundreds of hours I spent with its more popular sequel, so it's difficult for me to remember what the original looked like.

I remember that its graphics weren't nearly as nice as Warcraft II's, but it also didn't look this retro. That's because these screenshots are CGA (Color Graphics Adapter) mock-ups by João Victor G. Costa, re-imagining the real-time strategy game that started it all in four colors.

Make sure to have a look at Costa's DeviantArt gallery (a bit NSFW), which also has some neat mock-ups for a modern bro-shooter take on Blizzard's Lost Vikings games, as well as some interesting pixelart for Space Invaders, Cheetahmen, Megaman X, and plenty of classic Nintendo titles.