The footage above, of a Smash Bros Brawl hack that brings Waluigi into the fray, demonstrates two things.

First is how the Smash Bros modding community has been busy as ever, giving the fanatical fan base yet another thing to keep themselves busy with, until the next official edition drops from Nintendo.

Though when that day comes, there will no doubt be a very vocal contingent that claims it inferior in some way, and will therefore stick to Brawl. In the same way that many have refused to stop playing Melee.

And second is how Nintendo's policy of having character models be consistent across every game has somewhat, unintentionally, allowed such feats to be possible.

Or at the very least, allows them to feel exceptionally legitimate, provided the effort behind it all is of high caliber. Thankfully, diehard players demand nothing but perfection with such things.

Moving on, and also via GoNintendo, who first spread word of the Waluigi hack, is another featuring Professor Layton. Unfortunately, no footage exists as of yet, but there's screenshots at least of him facing off against Phoenix Wright.

Unless Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney is officially green-lit for America (which with Capcom, you never know), this might be the closest US gamers get in terms of pitting the two against each other.

And in lieu of nonexistent footage of the Layton hack, here's footage of another, of Miles Edgeworth vs Franziska von Karma.