Nearly six months have passed since we last got a trailer for Voxatron from Lexaloffle Games (Sense of Wonder Night finalist Swarm Racer), but the New Zealand-based indie has been working hard to flesh out the Robotron-style, voxel-based shooter in that time.

Lexaloffle's Joseph White explains, "It started as a cut-down arcade game to alleviate my long-burning desire to make something set in a virtual display cube, but is now growing back into the potentially expansive adventure game it originally came from (Felix and the Firebird)".

"It looks like it will grow even larger and absorb much of the design of Felix," he ads. You can see some of the progress White has made on the project in the new preview vide above, along with a magnificent intro from Voxel Music Man, who drops some nice beats.

He expects to release a "very playable alpha" for anyone who has preordered Voxatron soon. White points out, "The alpha also includes a map and voxel editor with which it is possible to make almost everything you can see in the following trailer".