Most know Jeremiah Johnson by his stage name, Nullsleep, and his work in the field of chiptunes. But some many be surprised to discover that his penchant for coldly calculated deconstruction, coupled with a burning passion for mass-destruction, is not purely contained to the aural spectrum.

He's begun to develop a rep as fine artist to be reckoned with, as anyone that's familiar with his NYU ITP body of work will tell you already, along with visitors to Computers Club. And thus we have the first game from Johnson, Void Gaze, at least that I'm aware of.

Much like his music, it's dark, confusing, harsh, and at times uncomfortable, yet also cathartic. The primary theme is sight, hence why the text adventure format is particularly effective. You'll learn about Joseph Plateau, a Belgian physicist whose mostly known for his groundbreaking research in the realm of optical illusions (and who also went blind from staring at the sun).

You'll also visit places that don't exactly roll off the tongue. What begins as just white text on a black backdrop eventually becomes a feast for the eyes, especially those who dig beautifully crafted animate gifs. It's somewhat spoiler-ish, but Dong has a taste for those who are impatient. Void Gaze was created for Parallelograms, so all interested parties should head towards that way.

[via Peter Berkman]