One of the last places I'd look to buy portable gaming collectibles is Urban Outfitters -- maybe I'd go there if I needed a bag with birds on it, or if I was in the market for a mohair sweater or something in that vein, but not if I was trying to fill out my Game & Watch collection, know what I mean?

The hipster apparel and furniture shop's online site in the UK, though, has partnered with Kiranbe Collectables to offer a variety of surprising, authentic vintage items, at seemingly inflated prices. Like this Donkey Kong multi-screen Game & Watch. For £130.00, or $200.

Other items  at Urban Outfitters that are not bohemian patterned duvets: £70 Game Boys, £80 Game Gears and Lynxes, £20 copies of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, £15 copies of Cyberball, and the Snoopy Tennis Game & Watch for £130. 

The site promises, "Every effort has been made to ensure these products are in their best and complete condition. There may be instances where anomalies reflect their age with tears, missing booklets, discolouration, pen marks, and evidence of minor repairs."

[Via Edge]