Twin Galaxies is, without question, the oldest recognized institution to be dedicated towards video game culture. High scores have been catalogued and verified for precisely 30 years now. So to celebrate this fact, they're having their very first fan fest.

The aptly titled Twin Galaxies Video Game Festival takes place November 11-13 and in Ottumwa, Iowa. Which not only serves as the HQ for the organization, but is also the "Video Game Capital of the World". A fact that many gamers today might be blissfuly unaware of.

Scheduled events include various contests and competitions, award ceremonies, a gathering of golden age arcade operators, a look into the Ottumwa time capsule, something called the "World's Best Donkey Kong Birthday Party", and a film festival. There's little doubt that Chasing Ghosts and King of Kong will be included.

Regarding the latter, I'd love to be a fly in the wall of that screening room, to see what kind of reaction Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe gets from the audience. Specifically, who gets cheered and who gets booed. There will also be an attempt to recreate the Life magazine photo shoot that brought together all the top players at the time.

The photo session served as the inspiration Chasing Ghosts, and a similar reenactment took place in 2005 for the movie's premier. But a little over half of the original participants were present. Maybe we'll get the original 16 all together again at long last?