It's been about a year since Toirettsu became a minor sensation on the internet. You know, it's that game designed to be played in men's rooms, because it's controlled with urination.

Kotaku just posted some brand new footage, highlighting the various activities that are contained. My favorite is the one above, in which you're (re)filling cans of beer. Given that the game will most likely be found at bars, the joke is fairly obvious.

After the cut are two other examples. The first is a tug of war-type contest; you and your opponent face off via milk being shot from your noses. The second features an on location weather woman; the longer you go, the stronger the winds, and the more disheveled she becomes.

Surprisingly, the one mini game you'd expect the most is not present; putting a burning building out. Too obvious perhaps? It's also a shame that every contest requires you to just hit the same static target. Then again, asking drunken patrons to fiddle with directions might be the a bad idea.

The thing I'm most shocked with is how Toirettsu is not free to play. I was under the impression that they were simple diversions that bar owners would install, just to assume their customers.

I can't see anyone spending money on a game that's not going to last long at all, requires no skill (just aim at the one spot, that's it), and has zero lose state (aside from running out of ammo). Then again, drunk men have done crazier things.