The offerings that the curiously named Mac Games And More generally produces are, in all honestly, hardly worth writing home about. Unless you're into hidden object games and other casual fare. But even then, nothing appears to be all that original or special.

But Throw Up is different. Much like PiCTOBiTS for DSiWare, there's a steady stream of falling blocks with missing portions that one must complete before they reach the bottom. Gameplay is comparatively simpler; instead of color-matching, you just fill the gaps by shooting at them with a device that has blocks for bullets.

The colors of the falling blocks are somewhat of a factor, but not much (the bullets will auto match). Though the increase in pace helps to offset the apparently lack of complexity, and which also forces one to be as fast with the trigger as possible. So in that sense, it slightly feels like a shump as well.

It's also completely free, and despite the name of the company, Windows users can take part as well. An iPad version has also been promised, though a name change might be necessary; something called Throw Up already exists in the App Store. Which is totally fine since it's not the best of names to being with.

[via Cult of Mac]