Initially designed as a core mechanic in Dragon's Lair and Space Ace, the Quick Time Event (QTE) saw a resurgence in popularity with titles like Shenmue and God of War. Lately, though, the QTE has fallen on hard times, disgracing itself with Wookiee killing, From Software tomfoolery, and a certain unforgettable moment during the worst boss fight of all time.

Finally, we can give the QTE a dignified burial thanks to the concluding scene in Namco Bandai's recently released Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, captured in the video above by Giant Bomb. No one is allowed to put a QTE in a game after today. It would be disrespectful to everyone.

I really have to wonder what happens if you fail the prompt, though. YouTube commentors offer some theories: "If you fail the song just says 'forget about me,'" "The Safety Dance plays and the moment is less meaningful, though no less awesome," and my favorite, "If you miss the cue, he jams his fist into his own face."

Unfortunately, the background music was Giant Bomb's doing -- a commenter confirms: "I beat the game earlier today and it plays a really bad rap song over a really kickin rock track." Missed opportunity!