Many have been patiently waiting a Commodore 64/64 Games System/128 version of Prince of Persia, which finally arrived yesterday in the form of mrsid's immaculate conversion. But it could be argued that no one has waited longer than the creator of the original game himself, Jordan Mechner.

Mechner states, via the comments section of the POP C64 dev blog: "That's crazy! Back in 1989, when I was making POP on the Apple II, I couldn't get anyone interested in doing a C64 port... because it was too old a system :)"

When asked what he worked with, since the original Apple II source code has been lost (to Mechner's knowledge), mrsid responds with: "Yes, this is all based on a memory capture of the Apple II and good old reverse-engineering skills... It's definitely not perfect, some grey areas left, but it's the next best thing to having the original source code."

mrsid also promises to spill the beans regarding the conversion in future blog posts, all the high and lows. As he puts it: "... pure C64 coder drama. Don't miss it!"

[via Joystiq]