Out of nowhere, Warner Bros. has released a new game from the Scribblenauts series -- which won more than a few hearts on the Nintendo DS -- to the iOS platform with new levels, features, and online social components.

Scribblenauts Remix once again lets players solve various puzzles by summoning any object they can think of -- all they need to do is write in any noun, and modify it with adjectives if they'd like (e.g. a "colossal, winged, rainbow car"). 

Developed by Iron Galaxy instead of 5th Cell this time around, the game has 40 puzzles from Scribblenauts and Super Scribblenauts, plus 10 "original, in-depth" levels. It also allows you to shake your iOS device to undo created objects.

The game was created with iOS 5 in mind and syncs with iCloud to enable consumers to buy the game once and play it on all of their iOS devices. They can also bring over their progress from one device to another. 

With Game Center, players can check online leaderboards, compare achievements with friends, and post their game info onto Twitter and Facebook. You can buy Scribblenauts Remix from the App Store now for $4.99.