Remember Pokemon reproduced in Minecraft via stop motion photography? Well the above is equally impressive, to most at least. Unfortunately, a rather noteworthy individual does not feel the same way, to the point of believing it to be fake.

In the Reddit thread from which it first appeared, more than a few folks voiced their skepticism, but in a mostly lighthearted manner. But it's Markus "Notch" Persson, who appears the most unconvinced: "It's too perfect, it would be much easier to automate, and it spends a lot of effort trying to convince me it's real."

A number of individuals who worked on the piece came to its defense, but in the end, Notch claimed that only a time-lapse video would convince him otherwise. Unfortunately, another camera wasn't constantly rolling during the contested clip's production.

In response, minecrafta2z, created another clip (seen after the cut) explaining some behind the scenes and technical details regarding the Zelda clip, featuring a few random still. The only bit of actual video is from their upcoming project, a re-creation of Kirby's Dreamland.

Notch simply had this else to say: "If you DID do this all legitimately, then I apologize, and I hope you find some pride in having fooled me so bad I openly accuse you of cheating. ;D"