For the past couple of days, all the major gaming blogs have been broadcasting information regarding the upcoming New York Comic Con. Basically, where to locate Nintendo, Capcom, Square Enix, plus others on the show-floor, along with room numbers and times for the panels that they're participating in.

But the only digits that those with discerning taste should keep in mind is #781. Why? Because that's where you'll find the "I Think You're Soopa", a collaboration between celebrated plush artisan Steff Bomb and ESC-Toy, mostly known for their Soopa Coin-Up Bros. DIY arcade cabinet figures.

The artist herself will be at the booth on Saturday, between 3-4. But that's day three of the show. And considering how only 15 pieces have been produced, it's a safe bet that they'll be long gone by then. So hopefully all interested parties will be able to show up on Thursday, plus have a weekend pass to return, for Steff's to sign their cab.

[via Albotas]