Excit sounds like a stupid title for a game at first -- I mean, what kind of name is that? Is it Exit mispelled? Or Excite without the last e? It's both, and also a play on Excel, the Microsoft spreadsheet program! It's pretty genius when you learn about Excit's concept.

Essentially, you're a clerk charged with repairing your companies broken spreadsheets. To do that, you'll need to find your way through a labyrinth of cells, jumping your cursor through portals and collecting keys to "untangle the scrambled formulas".

The game released as a Flash title years ago, which you can still play for free online, but there's now an Android version available for just $2.69 or as a free demo, thanks to Daniel Renkel (he worked with Krystian Majewski and Julia Zaadstra on the original version).

And if you'd like to read more about Excit, Renkel published a "mini postmortem" last month that you can check out to see what went right and wrong with its development.