Respected indie developer of '90s/Western-style PC and iPad RPGs Spiderweb Software (Avernum, Gene Forge) has permanently cut prices for all its games available on the developer's site by 20 percent -- and thrown in an addition 10 percent off for the month of October!

This means you can now Spiderweb's latest release, Avadon: The Black Fortress, on your Windows, PC, or iPad machine for $18 instead of $25. All of the studio's other games (which you'll get many hours of enjoyment from) released in the past 15 years are similarly discounted.

Spiderweb CEO Jeff Vogel says the price cuts are due to the current economic struggles many are going through: "In this eternal recession, sometimes the best way to relieve stress is to enter a fantasy world, hunt down some goblins, beat them up, and take their money."

"Times are changing, and we're going to change our prices to keep up with them. We promise to provide a maximal amount of monster-punching-money-taking fun for your precious gaming dollar," he adds.