Those clips of Tim Schafer palling around with Cookie Monster have been huge hits online since their debut. Yet many are still less than thrilled with the game that's being advertised. Or to be more specific, that Double Fine has been "wasting their time" on the Kinect.

Well, those who have been waiting for Once Upon A Monster to finally hit stores shelves, in only so Schafer and company can finally concentrate on Psychonauts 2, are not going to like the follow news: Double Fine has yet another Kinect game coming out, called Happy Action Theater.

It's hardly a shock that most were non-plussed by the Sesame Street game; the primary audience is little kids after all. But their latest is for all ages. As Schafer states, via Destructoid: "We thought it was a great idea to make a game that has no rules, has no failure state. It's a series of activities for either a birthday party for 3-year-olds or a college dorm full of drunk 20-year-olds."

Happy Action Theater was unveiled to members of the gaming press in the form of a causal get together (as seen in the Destructoid post), perhaps a calculated attempt to produce as many advocates as possible from the get go. Mostly since Double Fine knew that their readers would have a less than enthusiastic response. Sometimes, playing is believing, and it appears to have worked thus far.

Unfortunately, some remain unconvinced, as evidenced by the comments at Kotaku. Though one has to wonder if they've actually played any Kinect games at all, let alone one made by Double Fine. At least the idea of the mini game in which the floor is covered by lava is a huge hit.

By the way, speaking as someone who used to cover children's games for many years, Once Upon A Monster is absolutely amazing and it's a real shame that most kids games are not nearly as well thought out and put together.