Nothing says sniper mission like a duel between two soldiers hiding out in the jungle, wearing ghillie suits and peeking through their scopes to find their opponent, then both of them spotting each other at the same time and rushing to get off a shot. So, that's exactly what you get here in this "first official" trailer for Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2!

It's a tense scene and all, but there's very little you'll learn in this video for the upcoming CryEngine 3-powered Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/Windows game. If you'd like to actually see some sniping action in-game, you'll have to settle for this months-old but still excellent demo clip from GamesCom after the break.

Other sniper tropes that fans of the genre will be happy to see in it: some super marksman picking off dozens of guys without other guards notiching somehow, killing multiple people with a single shot, slow motion clips of bullets flying to their targets, and a tense battle against a helicopter shooting missiles at you: