You know I love Arkedo Studio -- the scrappy Parisian developer behind Big Bang Mini, Nervous Brickdown, and the Arkedo Series on XBLIG/PSN -- so I'm super happy to hear the small outfit is still alive and just got a new game picked up by Sega.

The game is called Project Hell Yeah!, and so far we know very little about it, like when it will release or what platform it will appear on (we know it's not the Dreamcast 2, at least). I don't really care, anyway, because the studio's games are always fun, if a little zany.

Arkedo did say it's been working on the game for 9 months now, and that this will be it's biggest project yet. It also hinted that Project Hell Yeah! will have "megatons of monsters":

"You know one thing we Arkedo love in games? Monsters. All of them. Small monsters. Big monsters. Rude monsters. Tough monsters. We love our monsters! They all are beautiful and unique snowflakes to us.

We are so proud of them, the same way their Mum in Hell would. And, like their Mum in Hell, we care about them. We are always looking for creative ways to have them suffer a lot, fight for their survival, look for potential famous last words, not find them because they are busy agonizing, and then, actually… well, die."

You can look forward to more information about the game and follow its development at the official Project Hell Yeah! site.