The house that Ultima built can now be yours for a mere $4.1 million. Noted game designer / programmer / space tourist Richard Garriott (aka Lord British) has put his Austin-based home Britannia Manor up for sale.

Britannia Manor is a spacious, medieval-themed dwelling that features an array of secret passages, hidden rooms, and -- seriously -- traps. Make sure you study the floor plan carefully before you step foot in the place unsupervised.

Britannia Manor's buyer will also get access to an on-site observatory, an indoor grotto, and a scaled replica of an Elizabethan outdoor theater, along with fun stuff like a carousel and a pool with a spiraling waterslide.

Britannia Manor was once the setting of a biennial (and very elaborate!) haunted house, though the new owner is under no obligation to continue the event. In any case, buyers should make sure to stockpile automatic weapons in case of unexpected burglar attacks.

You can take a virtual tour here, but if you want a closer look at the dungeon, you'll need to consult this episode of MTV Cribs.

[via @simoncarless, KUT News]