Though Fusion: Genesis sounds like either a super generic name or the result of Sega's old console going Super Saiyan after uniting with a tower of add-ons, it's actually looking like a really nice game that's deeper than most top-down, twin-stick shooters out there.

Players manage a variety of customizable, upgradeable ships (over 100 types), from one of six factions, each with different storylines. It's got a futuristic, sci-fi space setting with "hundreds of solo and co-op missions" spread across 23 open-ended levels.

Fusion: Genesis also features an "always connected dynamic environment", in which it draws in online players, each playing through their own story and possible working against each other. There are dynamic player-versus-player battle arenas, too.

The game is being developed by Starfire, a new studio formed by Rare veterans that worked on classics like Donkey Kong Country, GoldenEye, Killer Instinct, and Perfect Dark. The team's also building a complementary WP7 RTS game called Fusion: Sentient.

[Via Eurogamer]