Earlier today, Sony unveiled it's Only On PSN campaign, running throughout the month of October. It mostly revolves around a number of long-awaited and otherwise notable releases, like PixelJunk Sidecroller, Okabu, Sideway: New York, and Eufloria.

There's also special discounts for PlayStation Plus members and a cash-back program for future game purchases, movie rentals, and more. But the most noteworthy part of the package is the re-release of several PS2 titles, again via PSN. Demand and excitement for such an initiative was high years ago, but has considerably cooled since. So all of a sudden, it's finally happening.

Most intriguing of all is what's being offered: God Hand, Odin Sphere, Maximo, GrimGrimoire, and Ring of Red. Whenever Sony re-releases old games onto a new platform, the line-up is inevitably led by Crash Bandicoot or some other first party game. A selection of relatively obscure third party titles is surprising to say the least.

Especially Capcom's God Hand, which still enjoys a small yet dedicated fan base. Many bemoaned its lack of commercial success the first time around, so perhaps a second chance at the spotlight will fix certain wrongs. Though not everyone is happy with Sony's latest moves, as this thread on Reddit illustrates.

Quite a few are still upset with how PS2 compatibility for the PS3 was initially removed on a hardware level, so Sony could save a few bucks when building consoles. And then later on a software level, for reasons that were never entirely made clear. Perhaps the choice in software was not such a mistake after-all?

There's a good chance that many of those complaining are also Shinji Mikami fanatics, who no doubt feel conflicted at this point. Or maybe this is just another instance of Sony being Sony.