Almost every gamer knows about the Atari 2600's E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, which many cite as a leading cause of the video game industry's crash and near demise in 1983, but apparently there was another Extra Terrestrials game developed for the system, that wasn't found until last week!

Skill Screen Games, a now-defunct three-man studio that was based in Ontario and only released one game, produced Extra Terrestrials in 1984, shortly after the crash, and only managed to sell a couple hundred of the game's shorter-than-usual cartridges to local retailers.

Somehow, the game escaped the attention of even the most hardcore collectors, and it didn't resurface until last week, when a family member of one of the developers donated the cartridge (no packaging materials, unfortunately) to the Personal Computer Museum:

"Museum curator and founder Syd Bolton found himself in a state of disbelief when fellow volunteer George Yallop delivered a 'contribution' from someone he knew, who had recently visited the museum. The envelope contained an Atari 2600 cartridge called Extra Terrestrials.

Searches of the web didn't reveal any information about the game. It was at this point that Syd realized he may have found a long lost game. This was an important discovery to the muesum and the Atari community as well."

The game is said to be a two-player-only combination of "Freeway, E.T., and Pac-Man." Bolton is currently looking for help to dump its ROM, and invites everyone to come play Extra Terrestrials at the PC Museum's October 15 public open house and October 22 game night.

[Via GDRI]