The P.T. Barnum of gaming's slightly exaggerated internet persona (with the key word being "slightly") has been mentioned once already. But the Peter Molydeux Twitter feed bears repeating, because his latest pitch is for what may possibly be the most incredible and beautiful video game ever conceived. Again.

Believe has you assuming the role of the man who is destined to free game makers and players from their shackles, aka Molydeux himself. To go on a journey that promises to obliterate every single preconceived notion that's holding the medium down. But this time, it's actually going to work!

Along for the ride is yet another magnificent creation of his: Milo. Whose lower torso has been replaced with huge wheels. Why? Why not. It's a world that only Molydeux's genius could possibly conceive of; tress can transport you into outer space and fallen tears can close gaps on the ground.

2013 cannot come soon enough! By the way, Kotaku recently reposted an interview with the person behind the magic (there's actually two parts; the second can be read here).

Not surprisingly, the man behind the curtain has chosen to remain anonymous. But we do learn that he's quite the accomplished industry professional. An interesting (yet not all surprising) revelation is how there's a real demand for the games he conjures up:

"I actually get a lot of replies from people saying my game ideas can be genuinely exciting and interesting... Some even suggest that a developer should hire me because I come up with so many ideas on tap."

Speaking of, here we have another pitch, for Co-optopus. It's an online game in which each of the eight players must controls a single leg of the titular character. Don't know about you, but I would SO buy a copy in a heartbeat.