personamagazine.jpgPretty much everyone know already that the video game magazine market in America ain't doing so hot these days. Despite the fact that everyone enjoys Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft's offerings, hardly anyone can be bothered to read about them, at least in a printed form.

Meanwhile, in Japan, things are a bit different (naturally). According to Silliconera, Atlus will start publishing a Persona 4 specific magazine starting next month. The premier issue's feature story will be about the recently launched anime, which includes an interview with the director.

Regular columns are set to include explorations of the game's characters and world, plus an examination of the game's battle system. Furthermore, both Persona 3 & Persona 4 manga will grace its pages. The upcoming PlayStation Vita remake, plus the forthcoming fighting game, are also expected to become regular subject matter.

And the best part is how it'll be a monthly publication. For Persona diehards, this is great news. But for those into other Shin Megami Tensei titles, perhaps not as much. But given how much of a cash cow the spin off has become, it's hardly a shocker.

It's also assumed that folks in America will be able to pick up a copy from National Console Support.