As noted earlier today, there's already an ad for the PSVita re-release of Persona 4, despite it being many months away. So on a similar note, and also out of nowhere, is the appearance of the Persona 4 anime on American shores. The officially translated first episode is available on Hulu.

Fans of the original game will be delighted to hear that it sticks very closely to the source material. Every plot point from early on is religiously followed, plus much of the music and even design elements are accounted for. The passage of time, for example, is just like the game's loading screens!

Easily the biggest change is how the silent protagonist now has a voice and official name. Thankfully, Narukami Yu retains many of his predecessor's qualities as well, meaning he's fairly quiet and succinct. Fears that he'd be somehow obnoxious, in the same fashion that many male leads from anime are these days unfortunately, can be put to rest.

There's a decent chance that things could still totally go off the rails, like the need to surprise fans with needless and ill conceived curveballs. Or, it could fall into the nasty habit of being far too concerned with delivering fan service, but thus far, it's a definite thumbs up.

[via @elmikey]