I Seem To Be A Rock is a creative puzzle-action game from Kevin Zuhn, who has been tinkering with this project since April, mostly during the weekends and while not working on two other projects you might be familiar with -- Young Horses' cult hit Octodad and its upcoming sequel.

The game places you in the role of The Thinker, a psychic rock that has become self-aware, and can astrally project his sould and then teleport to its location. With this power, you must navigate your way through both physical and mental obstacles to help him reach gateways in each level.

Zuhn describes I Seem To Be A Rock as a "brutally dificult game" that taxes your reaction time, precision, patience, and logical thinking. It's played with just the mouse and its left button, and you can add some extra challenge for yourself by completing the stages with as few clicks as possible.

Throughout the game, the Thinker spends "a lot of time pondering his existence and purpose, given that he came to life with pre-existing memories." After completing the regular levels, you unlock harder bonus stages that have a side-story about "something that is observing the Thinker."

Zuhn has posted a development diary for I Seem To Be A Rock charting its development from the game's inception to its Independent Games Festival competition submission -- you can download a Windows demo for free there, too.