Developers Adrian Stutz and Florian Faller snuck out this trailer for its silhouetted 2D platforming Windows/Mac game Feist a couple weeks ago, but I didn't notice until just today -- I'm glad i found it, because there's some nice new stuff in here since I last saw it.

First, you'll see that your furry hero can now pick up sticks and whack enemies, which is rad because I had trouble hitting monsters by throwing stuff at them beore. Also, you can see the new look of the possum-like (and king possum?) enemies in motion.

I mentioned before that Feist was slated to release some time this year -- Stutz and Faller have revised that date to Summer 2012. That's a long time to wait for those of us who've wanted this ever since it was an IGF finalist and Student Showcase winner in 2009!