Much has been said about video games, junk food, and promotional tie-ins the past few days. Most of the chatter has stemmed from Activision and PepsiCo's upcoming Rank Up XP campaign for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

To understand the basis of such ire, this breakdown from Forbes is an excellent place to start. But then along comes Sony and Subway's upcoming campaign for Uncharted 3.

Will it cause as much controversy? Well, unlike Rank Up XP, which allows for an unfair competitive edge in the final game, this simply allows access to the competitive multiplayer mode before the entire package is released.

And unlike Doritos and Mountain Dew, which is already synonymous with the fattening of America's youth, Subway offers the opportunity for a relatively healthy meal if one is smart about it.

Plus Nathan Drake is far too charming to be truly upset with. He could ask me to do pretty much anything and I'd blindly follow. Though his promotion includes exclusive Subway-related goodies, and that's where trouble might arise.

Apparel and taunts are inconsequential, but the fact that usable goods and experience will be carried over is where things become murky. If those special Naughty Dog guns are also available in the final game, everything should be fine. Otherwise, Sony might have another PR maelstrom in the works.

[via PlayStation Blog]