The latest addition to the Games For Change "arcade" is Nanu Planet. Produced by JCE & Green, Prim Project in Korea, its primary subject matter is the sad and complicated separation of North and South Korea, along with the demilitarized zone that lies between the two.

Instead of simply running down historical fasts and figures, Nanu Planet lays everything out in allegorical fashion. Two alien explorers, on the look out for a new home for their people, are sucked into a black hole and crash land on a foreign world.

The player assumes the role of Parchi and the goal is to be reunited with his lover Puchi (whom he was about to propose, right before the accident). The gameplay used is classic, point & click adventuring, which works well with the storybook presentation, with some arcade-like action sprinkled about.

Despite its aesthetics, much of the themes touched upon are very much heavy and mature, plus the game itself is no cakewalk; I found myself stuck very on, I'm embarrassed to admit. The first chapter of the browser-based game is also freely accessible.

Though chapters two and beyond, as well as the ability to save, requires an account (which again, I had troubles setting up, for some reason). To play, simply head on over to Nanu Planet's homepage. And to learn more about it's development, check out Grim, Green's main page.