The Australian Centre for the Moving Image has announced that it will host a "highly interactive" video game exhibition next year, as part of the Melbourne Winter Masterpieces.

The 2012 Game Masters, which is being organised by Game On curator Conrad Bodman, is set to showcase games from local and international game designers, with over 125 playable games on display ranging from the arcade era to the latest console and mobile technology.

The exhibition will profile over 40 influential game designers, while including rare artwork and newly commissioned interviews from each designer.

There will also be special focuses on specific designers and studios, such as ThatGameCompany's Jenova Chen, PaRappa the Rapper designer Matsaya Matsuura and Flight Control studio Firemint.

A series of public, film and education programs will also be run alongside the exhibition, with the aim of appealing to a range of visitors, from game developers to children.

Industry veteran Peter Molyneux (pictured) is set to be the first international guest to attend the premiere of the event next June.

He explained, "I never imagined when I started out in this industry that there would be an exhibition like the Game Masters exhibition... For me, computer games are an incredible cultural influence. It's an incredible honour to be part of the exhibition."