Robor Invader's Wind-Up Knight resembles another title we talked about earlier today, Gaijin Games' Bit.Trip Runner, more than a little, but that game doesn't have an Android version, and this new release gives users on that platform a chance to enjoy that kind of experience.

So, you're running through a bunch of obstacle-filled stages (more than 50 of them) rolling under and jumping over spears, slashing at enemies at your path, and using your shield to block rocks or flames above your head. Not too different from Bit.Trip Runner so far.

The main differences in Wind-Up Knight are the 3D cutesy presentation and the medeival setting -- instead of collecting gold bars in futuristic, colorful, and alien planet-type environments, you're traversing dungeons to rescue a kidnapped princess from "the evil Black Knight".

It's really a visually impressive game, but the catch here is that Robot Invader recommends you play Wind-Up Knight with a "HIGH-END" device (all caps emphasis theirs), like a Nexus One or better. A tablet will do, too. Otherwise, you might not get the best performance out of the game.

You can grab the 0.5 trial version of Wind-Up Knight on the Android Market for free right now. An iOS edition is in the works, too.