Maybe Make Some Change is a browser-based text adventure based on the Maywand District killings in Afghanistan, in which a group of U.S. army soldiers allegedly formed a "kill team" last year that murdered unarmed Afghans and arranged the scenes to look like insurgent attacks.

It's a provocative game, naturally, and it plays on the limitations of the text adventure genre -- that you have only a small set of verbs at your disposal to interact with different people/settings -- to underline the difficulties and anxieties soldiers are still facing in Aghanistan.

Make sure to read this statement about Maybe Make Some Change for some background on the events that inspired the game's creation, as well as the background media presented as you play (e.g. footage from first-person shooters like Counter-Strike, Cll of Duty, etc.))

"As this war enters its eleventh year and second decade, it is my hope that this project can participate in a national conversation, however brief, that might arise about our role in Afghanistan and the consequences of wars without end," says developer Aaron Reed.

[Via Auntie Pixelante]