In addition to all the J-pop, the Japanese version of Just Dance Wii has a pleasant surprise: the Super Mario theme. But instead of pulling out that same polygonal model of Mario that we've seen countless times, Ubisoft shot footage of someone in a goofy Mario outfit cutting the rug.

Unfortunately the only footage available at the moment is not allowing embeds, so everyone will have to go directly to YouTube. But I assure you, it's well worth the effort.

Obviously this was done to keep things consistent with the rest of the game's visuals, since every other track is accompanied by flesh and blood humans (albeit as stylized silhouettes), moving and shaking similarly.

But I'd like to believe that some Ubi exec spent way more than planned to secure the rights. So with the budget exhausted, meaning no computer graphics per original plan, that same person had to track down appropriate attire (which wasn't easy) and do the entire routine himself.

Also, in one shot, at 4am, and right before final code had to be submitted to the disc pressers. Sorry, but I love complicated backstories.

[via GoNintendo]