This past weekend, a YouTube oldie but goodie began making the rounds, that being the Super Mario Can-Can. Which is a swell video and all, but there's an even older clip that I'd like to bring to everyone's attention. Which again, some of you might be familiar with, but which others many not.

Super Luigi Bros's joke is made clear immediately, but you'll also discover a surprising degree of subtext. It's both humorous and bittersweet seeing Luigi so late to the party, and dealing with his brother's thoroughness/greed. I also love how he doesn't even get points for time left over.

Too bad there's a single glaring inconsistency near the mid-point, plus the ending is a little confusing. Unless the message is how, in the end, he's just not as good as his brother after-all. Thankfully in later years, Luigi would have better luck on the golf course, tennis court, racetrack, and so on.

Anyhow, because I mentioned it already, and since it's pretty enjoyable as well, here's the aforementioned Mario Can-Can as well. Like the one for Zelda, it does an amazing job of maximizing the game's original audio, there's random cultural references in the middle, and it gets totally insane near the end.